Would the Cascade Mall gun fall under proposed weapons ban?

Editor's note: This story has been updated. The gun with the 25-round magazine police said the Cascade Mall shooting suspect used would be banned under the Washington Attorney General's proposed legislation.

Police say Arcan Cetin went to the Cascade Mall in Burlington, pulled a Ruger rifle from his trunk and opened fire in a Macy's department store, killing five people.

A Ruger 10/22 is one of the most popular guns in the national and is used for hunting small game. It retails for about $250.

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Friday's shooting at the Cascade Mall came nearly two weeks after Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced he would work to get assault weapons and high-capacity magazines banned in the 2017 Legislative session, which starts in January.

Ferguson's proposed legislation has two key elements: A ban on semiautomatic weapons with military-style features that render them more easily concealable or more deadly; and a limit on magazine capacity — currently unlimited under Washington law — to a maximum of 10 rounds of ammunition.

It would not ban the basic Ruger 10/22. However, the version of the Ruger 10/22 that police said Cetin used in Cascade Mall shooting would be banned because it had a 25-round capacity.

Below is Ferguson's news conference about weapons and the ban he wants in Washington State.

According to charging documents, Cetin’s father told police he was missing his Ruger 10/22. Police said the gun used in the mall shooting was a Ruger 10/22. However, investigators have not explicitly said the gun used was Cetin’s father’s gun or talked about how the gun was obtained.

Family told reporters outside the courthouse on Monday that Cetin had mental health issues, and that family tried to work with him.

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Washington voters in November 2014 passed a measure to expand background checks on gun sales and transfers in Washington state. It requires background checks on all sales and transfers, including private transactions and many loans and gifts. It had especially strong support in King County.

KIRO 7 News talked to a gun shop owner after Ferguson announced the gun ban proposal. Diana Pinto, the owner of Pinto’s Gun Shop, said assault weapons may be getting banned for the wrong reasons.

Diana Pinto, the owner of Pinto’s Gun Shop, said assault weapons may be getting banned for the wrong reasons.

“They look bad, they look scary. And so that’s what they kind of hone in on, when they don’t realize that again, there’s a lot of firearms out there that maybe don’t look as scary, but they’re just as deadly. They can have as many rounds,” she said.




Pinto would rather see a focus on preventing those who are mentally ill from possessing any guns at all.

“If they can’t get an assault weapon, they would probably get something else, which is horrible. But stop that person from getting something – not just limiting access to one avenue,” Pinto said.

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