‘We're just broken': Grandfather wants answers after teen shot to death in Walmart parking lot

The grandfather of a 16-year-old who police said was shot to death in the Renton Walmart parking lot Sunday said he still doesn’t know who killed his loved one or why.

The Renton Police Department told KIRO 7 Monday there had been no arrests and that additional details would not be released yet to avoid jeopardizing the case.

“It’s been hell,” said Cedric Walker, Sr. “My grandson was my best friend.”

Cedric Walker, Sr. said his grandson, Emarion Walker Black, not only lived with him but helped take care of him. He described Walker Black as a generous teen who loved his family and cars.

“Talented, very smart,” said Walker. “Very bright.”

Renton police said the teen was shot in the chest while behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz in the Walmart parking lot Sunday afternoon by one of two people he had met up with there.

The teen, still inside the car, then crashed into the side of the Walmart that had been closed at the time due to an unrelated arson investigation from the previous night.

Investigators said there was an altercation inside the car but have not yet released additional information on what started the altercation.

Gunfire shattered the window of a nearby restaurant as people ate inside but police said no one was hurt. The shooter left the scene.

The second passenger in the car stayed put and is cooperating with the investigation, according to police.

“We’re just broken, you know, because he has two kids,” said Walker.

Cedric, who said his daughter was murdered several years ago, must now plan another funeral without knowing who killed his grandson or why.

Cedric said his daughter was murdered in a home invasion not due to gun violence as we previously reported in this article.

“I want somebody to come forward about my grandson because he didn’t deserve this,” said Walker.

Renton police told KIRO 7 additional information in the investigation may be released Tuesday.

Call the Renton Police Department with tips regarding the shooting investigation.