• Watch: The Real World Seattle releases first trailer


    Yes. In case you’re still wondering — or surprised — MTV’s “The Real World” is still on the air. It’s next season — the 32nd — was filmed over the past few months in Seattle’s Capitol Hill. And, on Tuesday, the Real World Seattle trailer was released.

    If the impression from that trailer is accurate, it seems many local’s concerns with the show’s filming may have been well-founded.

    How this Capitol Hill businessman said he would handle Real World crews

    The tagline for this edition of the Real World is “Bad Blood.” MTV thought it would be a good idea to take ex-girlfriends, estranged family members, and people who generally hate each other and put them all in the same apartment. That apartment is located at the Ballou Wright building at 1517 12th Avenue.

    It’s similar to the format of The Real World many are familiar with, but with the ambiance of The Jerry Springer Show.

    Material in the Real World Seattle trailer was filmed during the past year — whether locals liked it or not. Many local businesses were hesitant to allow filming in their shops and bars. Those who turned Real World film crews away cited their opinion that — essentially — the show is an unintelligent feature of ridiculous antics. And most were concerned about the “disruptive” nature of the show and its stars.

    In fact, one popular Capitol Hill businessman said he would just throw the stars and crew out of his bars and cafes.

    That may have been the safe choice if the way MTV is promoting the show is accurate. As MTV puts it, the “Emerald City is in for a lot of D-R-A-M-A.”

    Emerald City residents are in for a whole lotta D-R-A-M-A. More specifically, a bunch of frenemies/family members/exes will shock the seemingly happy original group of seven — and then everyone will be forced to live under the same roof, all while attempting to overcome their past differences.

    The trailer features characters in party scenarios — spraying champagne. And speaking about their heightened self-worth — “I do like to have all the guys’ attention.” And bros howling in support of their “wolf pack.”

    The Real World Seattle premieres Oct. 12, and airs on MTV every Wednesday at 10 p.m.

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