WATCH: Orca takes a bite out of fisherman's catch

A fisherman thought he had quite a catch while fishing on a charter boat off the coast of British Columbia.

The man had a large Chinook salmon on his line Monday in the waters off Prince Rupert in Canada when an orca whale appeared nearby.

Video posted on Facebook by the charter boat owner showed the fisherman trying to bring in the salmon as the orca came closter.

Suddenly, all that was left of the salmon was its head after the hungry killer whale took a bite (watch the video at the end of this story).

Owner of Blackfish Charters, Cal Robinson, said he couldn't believe what was happening.

“The reel would just not stop peeling line out, we knew we’d had it then. Is this really happening?  It was amazing. We were just in awe,” said Robinson.

On KIRO 7 News at 5, reporter Amy Clancy interviews Robinson about the close encounter. Watch on TV or here

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