Walmart to pay $189K after investigation into violations of gig, app-based worker laws

SEATTLE — Walmart has agreed to pay nearly $190,000 following an investigation into possible violations of gig and app-based worker ordinances.

The Seattle Office of Labor Standards investigated Walmart over allegations the company violated the Gig Workers Premium Pay, Gig Worker Paid Sick and Safe Time, and the App-based Worker ordinances.

To settle the claims, Walmart agreed to pay $170,768.15 to 474 workers and $18,692.64 to the City of Seattle.

Walmart pays thousands of gig workers to make deliveries to customers across the U.S.

“OLS continues to investigate allegations that gig, and app-based workers have been prevented from exercising their rights in Seattle. In this case, the allegations concern not being properly informed of paid sick and safe time benefits and the opportunity to use them. These legal requirements exist for a purpose and all hiring entities covered by them, including Walmart, are required to comply. When companies do not do so it not only compromises the dignity of gig and app-based workers, but it also undermines confidence in the regulatory structure the city created to enforce fair labor practices,” said Director of Office of Labor Standards, Steven Marchese.