Video captures Normandy Park suspect falling out of crawl space, onto sidewalk

Surveillance video captured the moment a person fell out of a crawl space and onto the sidewalk in front of a grocery store in Normandy Park.

According to the Normandy Park Police Department, officers were investigating a car in the parking lot, when one of the people inside the car ran off and hid inside the store.

Police say the man found his way into a crawl space and fell asleep.

About two hours later, the man woke up in the dark, and “he decided it would be a good idea to light his bandana on fire to be able to see,” police said.

The lit bandana set the sprinkler system off, and the man fell from the crawl space, onto a propane collection box, and onto the sidewalk.

The video then showed the man attempting to run off before he was quickly apprehended by police.

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