Utah woman missing from Ocean Shores

OCEAN SHORES, Wash. — Police in Ocean Shores are searching for a missing woman visiting from Utah.

Tracy Ann Lewis, a 31-year-old from Eden, Utah, was captured on surveillance video checking out of the Morning Glory Hotel on March 9, according to the Ocean Shores Police Department.

Police said she was last seen walking northbound on Ocean Shores Boulevard. Her car, which was filled with her belongings, was found in the motel parking lot.

Tracy was previously a University of Washington student and lived in Seattle for years, but moved back home to Utah in 2013.

Her family is desperate for answers, as the search continues. Tracy’s parents and a sister drove to Ocean Shores from Utah on Saturday to help police search.

“There are just so many unanswered questions,” said Sheila Lewis, Tracy’s mother.

Tracy's parents, Brett and Sheila Lewis, are waiting for any clue about the whereabouts of their daughter.

She’s now been missing for 10 days.

Her mother said Tracy was with her family at Disneyland in Anaheim last month.

After the family trip, the plan was for Tracy to take a solo trip up the coast to Portland and then drive home to Utah.

Her parents said they’re protective and, after hearing about the trip, they decided to put a GPS tracker on her car.

“That was mainly for my peace of mind as a mother,” Sheila said.

On March 4, Tracy’s 31st birthday, her mother said, they spoke with Tracy on FaceTime and found out she was in Ocean Shores.

“We never had heard of Ocean Shores,” Sheila said.

On March 9, at 9 p.m., her family got an email from Tracy saying she had dropped her phone in the ocean.
The email said:
"My phone took a swim in the ocean. So, we'll have to use email until I can hopefully dry it out, or I may have to wait and get a new one when I get back. Goodnight!"

They were expecting Tracy to start heading home soon but stopped hearing from her. Her mother said they decided to check the GPS tracker on the car.

“It was still in the parking lot of the hotel. On the night of the 9th  and the 10th and on the 11th. I started worrying,” Sheila said.

On Saturday, Sheila called Ocean Shores police, and she and her husband and daughter drove all night from Utah to Ocean Shores.

Surveillance video shows Tracy checked out of Morning Glory Hotel. Police said she was last seen walking north on Ocean Shores Boulevard. 
No one has seen her since.

“She didn’t walk away or anything. I’m 100 percent sure of that,” said Brett, her father.

Police told her parents that, the weekend Tracy disappeared, there were 3,000 visitors in town for a Narcotics Anonymous event that celebrated being clean.

Investigators haven’t said if the event has anything to do with Tracy’s disappearance, but her parents fear the worst and worry someone might have taken her hostage.

“We just want them to know, they have our life. Tracy is our life. She’s the kindest sweetest person in the world and she would do anything for anybody,” Sheila said. “Just please, please let her come home.”

Tracy’s parents described her as happy and loving. They said she was more of an introvert, but had no history of depression or substance abuse.

A command post was established Saturday at the Ocean Shores Motel next door to the Morning Glory Hotel, as a dozen search and rescue volunteers, three search dogs and several Ocean Shores police officers searched the dunes nearby. They have not found anything.

Tracy Lewis is described as being 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighing about 125 pounds, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

If anyone has any information, call the Ocean Shores Police Department at 360-289-3331.