Trump protest escalates into riot in downtown Portland

PORTLAND, Wash. — What started out as peaceful protests in Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland turned violent as the night progressed.

Police in Portland arrested 26 people after a protest against Donald Trump being elected president turned into what officers considered to be a riot.

KOIN 6 TV reports that it was the third night in a row that protesters had gathered downtown, and that officers were prepared after Wednesday night’s graffiti and vandalism.

On Thursday, hundreds of marchers blocked traffic, as organizers said they would do.  They took over the Hawthorne Bridge, stopping cars on the roadway and climbing railings.

But things escalated when some in the crowd began attacking cars at a Portland dealership and getting into confrontations with police.

Business windows in the Pearl District were smashed and objects thrown at officers. Rioters were seen spraying anti-Trump messages across the city. People were also seen lighting things on fire and throwing projectiles.

According to police, about 4,000 protesters joined the riot.

One woman driving near the protest was attacked when someone used a bat to smash her windshield.

There were some instances of citizens fighting back against protesters.

One woman threw laundry detergent at demonstrators. In another instance, a man came out of his home with a gun after protesters are said to have broken a window at his apartment.

The protests Thursday night went on for nearly nine hours.

It was only when police warned they would make arrests did the crowd begin to respond to their orders to disperse.

Eventually, rubber bullets and flash bombs were used by police.

At last check Friday morning, at least 26 people were arrested.

Police are preparing for more possible protests Friday night.

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