Troopers stop more than 80 HOV lane violators in less than 3 hours

Photo of a Washington State Patrol trooper at a traffic stop

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash. — Washington State Patrol tweeted that troopers stopped more than 80 High Occupancy Vehicle lane violators in Snohomish County on Tuesday morning.

Six troopers on motorcycles stopped 82 violators in 2.5 hours, Trooper Jacob Kennett said.

Kennett did not say if the drivers received a ticket but did say that first-time offenders are subject to a $189 infraction while a second offense costs $339.

The HOV lane is purposed for two or more people riding in a vehicle and is not to be used as a passing lane, law enforcement said.

Kennett said that during toll lane peak hours, three or more people may be required to be in a vehicle while in the HOV lane.