Two motorcyclists killed in Shoreline crash

The Washington State Patrol said two men were killed in a crash on the Shoreline-Edmonds border near the intersection of 1st Avenue Northeast and 205th Street, which is also State Route 104. 

The state patrol said three motorcyclists rode up to the intersection and two of them hit a vehicle trying to make a left turn. The impact sparked a fire and threw two of the cyclists.
Brent Hozjan was riding a motorcycle in the area and said he saw the motorcycles traveling at a high rate of speed. “Sometimes being careless doesn't work out,” Hozjan said.
“I jumped off and ran up there to see, and I saw the bike was on fire I made sure there was nobody in that car,” Hozjan said.
The state patrol said both riders were thrown and killed.

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A third motorcyclist avoided the collision. Hozjan said that cyclist may have been the girlfriend of one of the victims. “She was just across from him, crying. After I saw that, I got her up and moved her away from him.”
State patrol Public Information officer Chase Van Cleave said witnesses reported seeing the motorcycles traveling at a high rate of speed. “We have reports that the motorcycles were traveling above the speed limit we're still investigating that,” Van Cleave said.
The impact was so intense one motorcycle burst into flames -- one rider was thrown more than 10 feet and landed on an embankment above the road, the state patrol said.
The other rider was hit by a pickup truck, whose driver said he never saw the motorcycles. Van Cleave said cyclists are out with the nice weather and everyone needs to take care on the roads. “Two lives were lost. That's the worst part of everything that went on tonight.”
The state patrol said the two people in the car were not hurt and were trying to make a left turn from 205th Street onto 1st Avenue when they were hit.
Hozjan admits he may park his bike even with nice days ahead. “It's going to be a few days for me get back on my bike after this.”
The state patrol says one of the dead motorcyclists was 26. Van Cleave said did not have the age of the other cyclist who was killed. The agency also said no citations were issued but that could be decided by investigators in the coming days.