Tip from community member leads to arrest of Tacoma arson suspect

Olympia police have arrested an arson suspect who allegedly started a car fire while stealing gas in Tacoma after a tip from a community member helped police identify the man.

According to police, on Jan. 11, the suspect arrived in Tacoma on South 61st Street in a stolen red Ford F-150 and tried to steal gas from another car. He was smoking a cigarette while funneling the gas.

The gas caught fire and caused an explosion, destroying the victim’s vehicle and damaging the side of their house, according to Tacoma police.

On Jan. 23, a community member called in a tip identifying the suspect. Olympia police arrested the man two days later in a stolen car.

The 30-year-old man was booked into the Pierce County Jail for investigation of first-degree arson, second-degree arson, and possession of a stolen motor vehicle.