Thieves steal trailer full of drums from Seattle World Percussion Society

VIDEO: Thieves still drums donated to Seattle nonprofit

Thieves targeted a local non-profit, stealing more than 100 drums donated to the Seattle World Percussion Society.

The volunteer-led non-profit has been the target of a string of crimes.

“Stealing from a non-profit is a very painful thing and you start wondering where we are heading as a race, right? It’s like stealing from a poor person. A poor person has nothing to eat and you’re stealing from that person, so it’s very painful,” said Joyce Paul, Seattle World Percussion Society board member.

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The organization puts on the annual World Rhythm Festival in downtown Seattle and loan their musical equipment to people in the community.

When they weren’t using their drums, they stored them in a trailer at Journey Christian Center in Lake City.

A few months ago they noticed a few drums were missing, then a few more and then a bunch of their equipment went missing, including their dance floor. They were preparing to move the trailer when it was stolen Oct. 12.

“You just kind of feel betrayed because obviously it’s somebody from within the community of people we work with. I mean, why would they be getting drums or stealing them or taking them away or using them and bringing them back and then taking the whole trailer full of them if they’re not actually using them for some reason?” said Daniel Schmitt, Seattle World Percussion Society president.

Oddly enough, the suspects were caught on surveillance video leaving a few of their large drums, some smaller drums and a box of t-shirts outside Seattle Drum School in Georgetown, but everything else is still missing.

Members said they wish the suspects would’ve just come to them for help.

“I think they could’ve just asked instead of stealing from us,” Paul.

The drums have a SWPS logo on them. Schmitt estimates it’d cost more than $10,000 to replace the musical equipment and $4,000 to replace the trailer, which is money the non-profit doesn’t have.

People who’d like to help can reach out to the Seattle World Percussion Society.

If you have information about the crime contact the Seattle Police Department.