‘They made a plan’: Youth brawl at Federal Way apartments with bats and knifes

Bedlam in the parking lot of a Federal Way apartment complex as dozens of young people attack each other with bats and knives.

It happened at the Park 16 apartment complex on Feb. 16, according to Federal Way police. They say one person was stabbed during the fights.

This is the second fight in two days. Federal Way PD confirmed a “large fight involving juveniles” happened the day prior, on Feb. 15, but did not confirm if the two fight events are related.

Residents say this happens way too often. They told KIRO 7 that these fights seemed planned because cars without plates, full of what they say are teens, pulled into the complex parking lot before the chaos began.

The drivers of the participants’ cars stayed in the vehicles, while the passengers piled out to the parking lot as the brawl broke out.

“They acted totally like animals,” said one Park 16 resident. “He didn’t want to share his face or name because he lives in the complex and says he’s concerned about the violence.

That resident shared the almost two-minute-long video of the fight with KIRO 7, but he said he couldn’t watch the entire thing. He says it’s because it’s difficult for him to watch what he says were about two dozen teenagers using fists, bats, and blades to hurt each other.

“I saw a couple of people came and started punching kids and the kids went down on the floor and they hit them and kicked them,” said the resident.

That resident also translated for his friend who saw the fight. That other Resident says he watched the cars without plates pull into the lot. He also watched them get out and saw what they had in the car.

“I saw the Lexus car and some opened their door and I saw a gun inside the car,” said the second resident. “It looks like they made a plan for the fight.”

“I saw the lady and she looked like she didn’t have mercy on him,” the second resident said. “The situation in this complex has gotten very bad.”

KIRO 7 asked Federal Way Police for more information on any additional injuries, arrests, and if it’s gang-related violence but never heard back.