Tensions rise as Kirkland robbery, rape suspects make court appearance

There were intense moments between two families at a court hearing Wednesday morning.

Two suspects accused of breaking into a woman’s home in Kirkland were in court, with one suspect also charged with raping her.

The victim was in court, along with a large group of about 30 people who showed up to support her, as the suspects faced a judge.

Family for both suspects were also present. KIRO 7 was told the two suspects are cousins.

During the hearing, things became heated between the families, and a family member of one of the suspects threatened to hit the a member of Kirkland’s Stronger Together Facebook community, saying, “I will punch you in the throat.”

The victim’s family reported the threat to a deputy, who pulled that person aside and spoke with him, but he was not arrested.

After the hearing, deputies escorted the victim’s family to their car.

“When you experience their family come and attack your family here at the courthouse, or to threaten to attack, that changes that sense of security once again. So ... that’s (an) additional added layer that has now all of us wondering how can that happen here at the courthouse,” said April Schatz, a friend of the victim.

24-year-old Bubacarr Touray and 19-year-old Muhammad Sesay are both charged with first-degree robbery. Touray was also charged with first-degree rape.

The two are accused of breaking into the woman’s home in Kirkland on Oct. 28.

“Her family was home sleeping, so she did her best to survive, to stay alive, to keep her family alive by not screaming, so that no one was shot,” said Schatz.

According to court documents, the two were armed when they entered the home. One allegedly pointed a gun at the victim’s head and the other held a gun to her chest.

Investigators say Sesay left the home, but Touray stayed behind and raped the woman at gunpoint.

The two allegedly admitted their involvement to Kirkland police, but in court Sesay pleaded not guilty.

His next court hearing is on Oct. 29.

Touray’s case was postponed until Monday because he says he needs an interpreter.

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