Teen suspects make first court appearances following Ingraham HS shooting

Prosecutors said they intended to charge two teenagers with a slew of felony charges in relation to Tuesday’s deadly shooting at Ingraham High School.

According to prosecutors, the alleged gunman is 14, while his accused accomplice is 15.

Only one of the two teenage suspects actually appeared before a judge. During a court hearing, prosecutors said that the accused 14-year-old shooter had waived his court appearance.

Meantime, the suspect’s alleged accomplice was seated only feet away from his parents, who expressed shock and sadness in the courtroom.

“We just moved up here and obviously he got with the wrong people,” said the 15-year-old’s father.

On Tuesday, a student was shot and killed inside Ingraham High School in North Seattle.

Police said they received reports of shots fired at the school at 1819 North 135th Street at 9:55 a.m. The school went into lockdown to protect students.

Students told KIRO 7 that two people started fighting in a hallway when things quickly escalated and at least five shots were fired.

Officers entered the school and found one victim with a gunshot wound.

“Four minutes. Within four minutes we were (at the school) performing CPR,” Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz said during a news conference. However, the victim could not be saved.

Seattle Public Schools assistant superintendent of public affairs Beverly Redmond said the victim was a student.

“We do not believe this was a random act of violence,” Redmond said in a statement released late Tuesday morning.

A motive for the shooting is still unclear. Following the incident, prosecutors said both boys were identified by their classmates.

An hour later, police told KIRO 7 that both teen suspects were found and arrested onboard a bus on Aurora Avenue.

At the scene, prosecutors said one of the teens was carrying a backpack.

Investigators found a semi-automatic weapon inside the backpack, along with ammunition that matched the bullet casings found at Ingraham High School.

Diaz said investigators will spend the next several days reviewing surveillance video at the school, speaking to witnesses, and running ballistics tests on the gun found with one of the suspects.

According to prosecutors, the 14-year-old alleged gunman planned the shooting. They said they planned on eventually charging the boy with premeditated first-degree murder.