Surveillance video shows SeaTac rental car thieves in action

SEATAC, Wash. — Surveillance video of a car heist on Thanksgiving shows how the thieves got away, even after a company did all they could to prevent the thefts.

Police say the cars stolen from Hertz on Des Moines Memorial Drive in SeaTac are being used in other crimes.

Detectives believe the suspects are teenagers who have targeted the lot since August.

To try to deter the thieves, management lit up the lot and blocked the exit, but it still hasn't stopped the thefts.

“This is the sixth time it's happened, so they've figured out that they can get cars from this location,” said King County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Ryan Abbott.

Surveillance video shows the teen suspects breaking into rental cars on the lots, and though a security guard was hired, and staff parked two vehicles in front of the only way out, video from Thanksgiving Day shows the suspects using an SUV as a battering ram to escape.

“They rammed that security officer's car. She's in the car and they're ramming it,” said Abbott.

Detectives say the stolen cars are being used to commit crimes in other areas, including a robbery in Bellevue and a hit-and-run elsewhere.