Stolen moving truck found on Renton property, most of family's items recovered

Just over 24 hours after reporting their moving truck stolen, Lee and Britt Emerick were sorting through the backyard of a Renton property, looking for what was theirs.

KIRO 7 talked to the couple, who were moving from Chicago on Tuesday night. Early Wednesday morning, a neighbor who saw the news coverage reported seeing the stolen Penske truck behind a home on SE 170th.

Now, three suspects are in custody.

When King County Sheriff’s deputies arrived around 6:30 a.m., they spotted the three suspects unloading the truck behind the house.

KIRO 7 was there when the Emericks showed up to claim their items.  They found the majority of their belongings, including Britt’s father’s ashes.

But some valuables, including five guns, were gone.

“Jewelry, some guns,” Lee said.  “And a number of cases of wine.”

Deputies believe a woman drove off with a car full of the Emericks' possessions before police arrived this morning.

The three suspects in custody were in the back of patrol cars just feet from the Emerick’s as they reloaded the moving truck.  KIRO 7 asked the couple what they’d say to the supsects.

“I would probably be in shock and not say anything,” Britt said.  “I don't even know.”

“What happened to you in your life that you have no reservations just taking off with someone's whole life like this?” Lee said.

The moving truck is still drivable, and Lee's new co-workers will help them load and unload their belongings.

While the theft made for a rude welcome to the Northwest, the Emericks say the response after the crime has made them feel at home.

“Everyone's help in the community has been very welcoming,” Britt said. “So that's nice.”

“It's definitely been nice,” Lee said.  “The outpouring of support.”

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