State preparing questionnaire for vaccine eligibility

As 2021 begins, people are wondering when in this new year they’ll get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Chris Nemes figures his turn will come around June at the earliest.

“That’s at least what I’m hoping for, we’re not essential workers or anything, so I know they have to get it.”

So far, the state’s early vaccine rollout is slow.

Of the doses now in Washington, 80.6% are still in storage.

As state officials work to ramp up vaccinations, they’re also planning to launch a new tool called PhaseFinder so people know when they’re eligible.

The test version of the online questionnaire asks about age and whether a person works in health care.

According to The Seattle Times, PhaseFinder will run on the honor system, with people showing screenshots of their questionnaire results at vaccination sites.

The idea is to keep doctors like Kim McDermott from having to decide who gets the shot.

“I wouldn’t want to be the vaccine police,” Dr. McDermott said. “It makes sense for people to put it in themselves and use the honor system.”

It’s not clear exactly when the state will widely launch PhaseFinder.

A Dec. 22 presentation to the state’s hospital association indicated it could happen around Jan. 6.