State of emergency declared in Cosmopolis after entire fire department resigns

COSMOPOLIS, Wash, — Cosmopolis mayor Kyle Pauley has signed a declaration of emergency after all members of the city’s volunteer fire department resigned on Saturday.

In a letter posted to Facebook on Dec. 23, members of the city’s volunteer fire association stated their decision to resign came after Pauley “removed necessary funding, and leadership where it is most needed without plans or communication to restructure (their) organization.”

Pauley responded by saying many of the issues the department says they’re facing are due to budget and policy adjustments that needed to be made due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The city, located in Grays Harbor County, has spoken to other local departments regarding receiving fire and EMS support, but no long-term plan has been finalized.

The state of emergency is set to be terminated on Feb. 1, unless it is extended.