SPUD Fish & Chips building to be demolished for apartments

Image: Wil Stevens, Foursquare

Another Seattle institution will be demolished to make way for an apartment building.

Known for spuds, coleslaw, chowder and waterfront views, SPUD Fish & Chips has served the Green Lake community for decades.

But SPUD’s tradition will continue on the first floor of the new building, though many people will miss the current building’s old-school Seattle feel after it’s torn down.

An excerpt from The Seattle Times describes why locals cherish SPUDs restaurants, which are found in multiple locations:

"For centuries past, fish and chips has been the popular stand-up-and-eat snack in England, similar to our hot dog or bag of popcorn. Street vendors and fish-and-chips shops, some of them doing business at the same old stand for a 100 years or more, have sold the delicacy to passers-by and after-theater crowds in Drury Lane and other colorful streets and towns of England. Two brothers, Jack and Frank Alger, are credited with giving fish and chips its biggest boost in Seattle, however."




"The Algers formerly lived in Vancouver, B.C., and were familiar with the fish-and-chips stands at English Ban and Kitsilano Beach. England-born Jack Alger wondered why similar stands wouldn't go big in Seattle, especially along its beach drives. So, in 1935, he opened the first Spud Fish & Chips in a small, garage-type building on Alki Avenue."

The Green Lake location, built in 1959, was sold to current owner Craig Smith in 2001.

According to the Daily Journal of Commerce, the apartment building will provide 59 units.