Snohomish County businesses seeing surge in property crime

Breaking windows and driving through storefronts are just some of the tactics criminals are using to vandalize and steal from local businesses.

It quickly becomes costly for stores that are hit, as they have to factor in replacement costs.

“It’s thousands of dollars for just a simple storefront door,” says Brian Perkins with Perkins Glass and Mirror Company.

His family has been in the glass business for more than a century. He said they continue to stay busy.

“I wouldn’t say the volume’s changed. But the type [of repairs] has changed,” said Perkins.

He estimates 40-50% of his company’s work is repairs for businesses, often from vandalism or break-ins.

The surge in property crime only adds to the backlog on materials.

“Anything that involves that metal framework, or doors. Doors specifically are two-to-three months out,” Perkins says of repair delays.

Another company, Access Windows and Glass, told KIRO 7 that they have a six-to-eight-week delay for storefront door repairs. They also have seen a 10-12% increase in the prices of glass each quarter.

Businesses in Snohomish County have expressed their frustration with the recent property crime.

“I’m exhausted worrying about whether I get that phone call from the alarm company,” says Jesse Villareal with Harbor Freight Tools. “The last time we had someone come and smash in our windows … it was darn near close to $25,000.”