Bloody road rage brawl, shooting in Bonney Lake captured on video

BONNEY LAKE, Wash. — Bonney Lake police arrested three men in connection with a bloody road rage brawl Friday afternoon which included a shooting in a crowded Walmart parking lot.

The last-minute of the fight and the shooting were captured on video, which police are examining as evidence in the crime.

Brandon Ozuna, 18, recorded the fight and shots being fired in front of him while he was in a car in the Walmart parking lot, and told KIRO-7 intense violence led up to it.

“I did not know where this was going to go,” he said.

Bonney Lake police say the incident between two vehicles began just after 3 p.m. in S.R. 410, and both vehicles pulled into the Walmart parking lot.

Ozuna told police he saw two vehicles, a black SUV and a light-colored pickup truck, speeding and skidding in the parking lot before one of the men left his truck and punched the other driver through the window of the SUV.

Ozuna began the recording just as the two men had just knocked the bloodied driver of the pickup to the ground.

“Your heart just drops; it’s kind of like you feel this shock of what you just saw,” he said.

“I started the video right as he went to fall, and he fell with so much force because his body went limp that his legs swung like he actually got knocked out.”

Ozuna said the man who he believes started the road rage is seen on video walking back to his truck, then charging after the two men in the Suburban on foot.

“He went in and grabbed a belt and chased the car down, and swung the object that looked like a belt and hit the Suburban as he was driving away,” he said.

As everyone around them called 911, Brandon noticed the man was badly hurt.

“There was a lot of blood,” he said. "It was red all across his face he had a white T-shirt on and it was blood all down his shirt.''

Ozuna said the fight could have ended there, but as the Suburban doubled back and drove toward the injured man, he ran back to his truck, emerged with a handgun and fired three times at the pair in the Suburban.

No one was hit by the gunfire, police said. Bonney Lake police arrested all of the men involved after they drove away on S.R. 410.

Chopper 7 was over the scene as investigators pieced together a dangerous situation Ozuna had captured only a few feet away from him.

“Probably both of them were in the wrong,” he said. “(They) should have just walked away. I hope both of them can get some repercussions.”