Shoreline School District weighs cuts to arts, student newspaper, and more amid $14M shortfall

SHORELINE, Wash. — Yet another Western Washington school district is facing budget cuts in the coming year.

The Shoreline School District is looking at possible cuts to address its budget shortfall. Proposals include cutting a number of staff, cuts to art and music programs, and even eliminating student publications like the newspaper and yearbook.

The district is also looking for new ways to fund athletic programs.

Shoreline points to declining revenue from the state and decreasing enrollment as reasons for the cuts.

At a Tuesday night meeting, the school board flipped its agenda to give the latest budget data before taking public comment. Students and teachers KIRO 7 spoke with said they felt sidelined in the budget talks.

“We say we’re doing all these things for student voices and student choice in mind, but look at what’s happening. You’re taking their voice away and all of their choices along with it,” said Alina Harestad, activities coordinator at Shorewood High School.

No final decisions were made Tuesday night. The district says it is considering a range of cuts to fill an estimated $14 million shortfall. That amount could change while state lawmakers consider school revenue increases.

Those numbers should become clearer after the state legislative session adjourns on April 23.

Similarly broad cuts are also on the table in several other school districts, including Olympia.