Shootout along Aurora Avenue in North Seattle hits gas line, knocks out power

SEATTLE — Another shootout along Aurora Avenue in North Seattle was caught on camera.

Video from last Saturday around 4 a.m. shows what appears to be one man pulling a gun during an argument with several other men, who then pull guns and violence erupts, with around two dozen gunshots in a matter of seconds.

A community activist who provided the video says a woman was wounded as she ran away, but will be ok.

A bullet also hit a natural gas line knocking out power for some customers in the area.

Neighbors are jittery, to say the least, and reluctant to speak on camera for fear of retaliation.

KIRO 7 talked with one woman who wished to remain anonymous, telling us she heard more gunfire overnight Tuesday further down Aurora Avenue.

“I mean, when it’s a couple blocks away you feel a little bit safer, but the amount of times it’s been right on our street, it’s been pretty rattling. It’s been a lot and I think it’s going to get a lot worse over the summer as well,” she said.

The shootout follows another one in the same spot only a month ago.

No word from police on any arrests made in these shootings or a motive.

But folks in the area say they’ve got a pretty good idea.

“The business of the hookers that are right there – all that that comes with it. Gang members wanting to be pimps and shooting at each other for turf and all that stuff,” she said.

City leaders say they’re looking at making changes, including enhanced patrols to tackle sex trafficking and gun violence.

But those who live and work around here say they’ll believe it when they see it.

“That’s the biggest thing – the city’s not doing anything. Everything we’ve done has been community effort,” said the neighbor.

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