Sheriff’s department warns of ‘spike’ in package thefts after $300 shoes stolen from Tacoma porch

TACOMA, Wash. — With so much shopping happening online, the holidays have become prime time for porch pirates ready to steal packages.

A Tacoma family caught one porch pirate stealing their presents on camera, just minutes after the packages were delivered. It’s a crime that police say spikes this time of year.

“It’s just hard to keep the spirit alive lately, you know,” said Deven Miller.

“Yesterday at like 1:22 an individual came down this street and jumped out of the car literally 30 seconds after a package was dropped on the porch and ran off with it.” Miller continued, “I believe it was a gift for my son.”

He said that the present was a $300 pair of shoes. To add insult to injury, Deven reached out to Footlocker. He said they told him; they were sorry for his loss and offered a $15 gift card.

“To be offered a $15 gift card in compensation is kind of a smack in the face,” he said.

Deven believes the woman who stole his packages followed the delivery truck. That’s how she swiped it so quickly. Pierce County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Darren Moss says that’s a textbook approach.

“It’s almost immediate. Another tactic we’ve seen is that they will hold onto an Amazon package, act as if they’re a delivery driver, and walk up to the door but they’re actually going to go pick up your package and steal it,” said Sgt. Moss.

Sgt. Moss says coordinating with neighbors to pick up each other’s packages is a good way to keep your items from being vulnerable. Requiring signatures upon delivery is also helpful.

Having those packages sent to an Amazon locker or pick-up point will also help ensure your packages don’t end up in someone else’s home.

“I guess leave them at the post office or pick them up at a distribution center but what an inconvenience that we can’t receive our goods on our porch without somebody taking them away from us,” said Miller.

Sgt. Moss also said an office or workplace is also a good place to get your packages delivered but run it by your boss first.