Semi-truck blocks SEA arrivals drive, creates massive traffic backup

SEATAC, Wash. — A semi-truck blocked the arrivals drive at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Monday night.

The airport posted about the semi around 7:30 p.m.

The airport had to back the semi out and had to shut down the arrivals drive to do so.

We reached out to SEA.

“The truck was stuck for about three and a half hours,” wrote SEA spokesperson Perry Cooper. “Longer than usual as it really damaged the overheight bar to the point we had to take it down. We have this mistake happen a couple of times per year with misguided semis and usually get it out within an hour or so. Last night was more complicated. We couldn’t allow traffic to go under the damaged bar for safety either so that wasn’t an option.”

He added that there were also “minor” delays because of the fog.

“There were some minor delays. Not a lot. Remember we have about 1,200 operations per day, operations is a term for takeoffs and landings. So 1,200 operations per day means about 600 each arrivals and departures. Pretty standard for early-season fog,” he wrote.

Around 10 p.m., the airport said the arrivals drive was back open.

One person commented asking if Alaska Airlines was delaying flights.

Alaska Airlines responded and said to call its reservations team to rebook any missed flights.

Cooper said that some airlines did hold flights for travelers.

“Not a major disruption. Most flights are arriving at that hour. The challenge was picking people up.” he wrote.