Seattle’s Mighty O-Donuts selling limited-edition ‘poop’ donuts for April Fools’ Day

SEATTLE — Seattle’s Mighty O-Donuts has the perfect surprise for an unsuspecting friend, family member or co-worker this April Fools Day.

For the past three years, the local organic, plant-based donut chain has been selling its “poop” donuts in limited quantities each April 1.

“Our number one goal is to really just make people happy and bring joy to their lives via donuts. And we’re just throwing around a few ideas with the bakery crew, you know, silly things like ‘let’s put mustard in the filling or ketchup or something.’ And none of that really sounded appetizing,” said Mighty-O CEO Ryan Kellner. “Then the bakery crew came up with the poop donut, and our biggest critic said it was ‘really crappy,’ and then we knew we had a winner.”

The yeast-raised donuts, which retail for $5, are rolled and shaped into a “poop” design, then dipped into a made-from-scratch chocolate glaze.

Kellner says the tradition started just as a “little laugh” between team members and their neighbors but has gained a significant following among the donut chain’s customers in recent years.

“We are expecting to be kind of overwhelmed with just special orders,” said Kellner. “If we have extra capacity, we will make some and put them in the shops, but I really encourage if someone really wants to make sure they get one, they place an order online.”

The donuts are available by pre-order on the Mighty-O website and are only available for pick-up next week on Mar. 31 and Apr. 1. Googly eyes are not included.

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