Seattle thieves steal phone, text owner’s roommate, robs roommate

SEATTLE — After a man with car trouble was robbed of his cell phone in Seattle, the suspects texted the roommate that his vehicle wasn’t working and robbed the second roommate when he showed up to help, according to Seattle police.

Around 3 a.m. on Monday, a man was having car troubles at the 9400 block of 30 Avenue Southwest when he saw a white vehicle slowly pass him and make a U-turn.

The man thought the people in the car were going to help him. However, two people in the car got out, pulled two handguns out and pointed them at the man threatening him.

They demanded his wallet, keys, cellphone and the PIN to unlock the phone.

After the man acquiesced to their demands, the suspects left on Southwest Roxbury Street.

Around 3:29 a.m. on Monday, the roommate of the first man received a text from his roommate’s phone that he needed to be picked up because he was having car trouble.

The roommate drove to a Walgreens and checked the area at the 3400 block of Southwest Graham Street.

After he parked, a white vehicle pulled up.

Two suspects got out and pointed handguns at the roommate and demanded his cellphone, wallet and keys.

The roommate handed over his wallet and phone, but he refused to hand over his keys and ran away.

The suspects chased him for a short time, but then stopped following him.

While the roommate was calling 911, the suspects dumped an unknown white powder inside his car.

Seattle police believe the suspects in both cases are possibly the same.