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Seattle Sounders release Bruce Lee kit to honor 50th anniversary of his death

The Seattle Sounders are celebrating the life and legacy of Bruce Lee with a community kit, the team announced Wednesday.

The Bruce Lee kit honors the 50th anniversary of his death and his world-renowned film, ‘Enter the Dragon.’ The kit was designed to reflect Bruce’s philosophies and values, which are shared by the Sounders and Seattle, the team said.

The sunbeam yellow colored accents symbolize “the center of everything” and represent nature, balance, and heroism. The hand-drawn dragon on the jersey represents strength and power. Bruce’s official signature and the dragon symbol are stamped on the bottom of each jersey.

The Yin and Yang symbol, on the back of the neck, is circled by two opposite arrows to indicate Bruce’s famous quote “using no way as way; having no limitation as limitation.”

The Sounders highlight four philosophies of Bruce’s that inspired the kit:


“Harmony lies at the core of Seattle’s identity: We find equilibrium in pristine natural beauty and urban bustle; history and progress; rays of sunshine and drops of rain. As a club, we’ve grown globally by deepening our roots locally,” the Sounders said.


Seattle is a symbol of self-expression and on the field, the team blends coordinated movements with individual strategy, the Sounders said.


Bruce taught students from various backgrounds when he was a martial arts teacher in Seattle.

“That commitment to inclusion lives on in our community. It’s in our DNA. We break down barriers and fight for what’s right. We strive to emulate Bruce by acting in support of tolerance and justice,” the Sounders said.


“As Sounders, we strive for progress toward a brighter future. We are in perpetual motion, always working to turn ambition into reality; to win more trophies and reach new heights. Through action and mindfulness, we take purposeful steps toward meaningful change in our community,” the team said.

The kit is on sale at all Sounders FC Pro Shop locations and online at the Pro Shop Store or the MLS Store.

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