Seattle police return to East Precinct

VIDEO: Officers return to East Precinct in CHOP zone

SEATTLE — For the first time in weeks, Seattle police have returned to the East Precinct after removing protesters from the CHOP zone.

Police removed the plywood off the precinct entrances and walked in for the first time since June 8.

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KIRO 7 got a look inside, and didn’t see any visible damage inside the precinct.

Police Chief Carmen Best addressed her officers shortly after.

“We’re back in our precinct finally, thank you all for your work,” Best said.

Best said the next steps will be to clean up the area and the precinct itself, and police will start up operations there as soon as they can. While police were back in the precinct Wednesday, it is not yet known when they will actually begin operating out of it.

VIDEO: Seattle police chief speaks about the clearing of CHOP