Seattle nonprofit launches ‘Wear a Mask Washington’ campaign, helps businesses calculate PPE needs

SEATTLE — A new Seattle nonprofit is working to get more people to wear masks.

Restart Partners is raising money to donate masks to communities and organizations in need.

They have also launched the “Wear a Mask Washington” initiative in partnership with Governor Jay Inslee, encouraging people to send videos about why they have chosen to wear a mask. Restart Partners plans to feature those videos on social media to encourage others to wear them too.

“We are doing our part,” one of the founders, Dr. Akhtar Badshah, said. “We want you all to do your part so that you can continue to be safe — so we can open our economy and our way of life.”

The team is helping local governments and businesses calculate their current and future PPE needs.

Organizations just need to email Restart Partners to benefit from the free help.

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