Seattle mom concerned after dog bites son on school grounds

A Seattle mother is concerned for her son’s safety after he was bitten by a dog after school on Monday afternoon.

Now, she’s trying to find the dog and its owner so she can learn critical information about the dog’s history.

“It wasn’t like a fierce grab,” explained Quentin van der Neut. “Just with its two left canine teeth.”

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Quentin said it happened at 2:45 p.m. Monday, just after school let out at Coe Elementary, where he’s in the fifth grade. He was riding his bike on school grounds when he says the dog, which was being walked on a leash, ran up and bit him unprovoked.

“I wasn’t really scared, just a bit surprised,” van der Neut said.

He said it didn’t hurt. So he just went on his way.

But then it started bleeding a lot.

His mother, Dragana Miljkovic, rushed home from work and took him to the pediatrician, who flushed out his wound.

The doctor also advised her to go to the emergency room.

Twenty-four hours later and it’s still bleeding.

“When I’m really scared is right now,” Miljkovic said. “Because I saw how badly it’s bleeding right now when it should have already been sanitized. So this is the scary moment actually because it seems like we aren’t able to control the bleeding.”

Miljkovic is now trying to find the dog and its owner using social media because she is worried about rabies.

Miljkovic said.

“The second is make sure we get in touch with the dog’s owner. Make sure this dog has rabies shots up to date.”

Quentin thinks the dog was a bull mastiff. He said he heard the person walking the dog call him "Tyler."
Miljkovic wants people to be on the lookout for a big dog that fits that description or is walked in the area of Coe Elementary around 2:45 in the afternoon.

“We have no way of locating this person unless the neighbors can help,” Miljkovic added.