Seattle Kraken give kids, fans chance to skate like pros in post-Winter Classic event

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SEATTLE — The Seattle Kraken gave fans, children, and skating academy participants opportunities to glide across the ice left over from the Winter Classic at T-Mobile Park this week.

The event was hosted by the Kraken’s charitable arm One Roof Foundation.

“Today we are capitalizing on the excitement of the Winter Classic on Monday and we have this amazing opportunity to provide kids the chance to skate on the same ice that the players skated on,” said Andrew Bloom with the One Roof Foundation. “We want hockey to be for everyone, and we want to make sure everyone feels welcome and included.”

About 1200 kids from six different schools joined the extravaganza with consistent audible excitement erupting from the stadium.

Brent Thomas was one of the parents who brought his child to the event.

“[My daughter] loves to jump, without looking first so we find ourselves in a lot of situations where we are out at Christal Mountain or Snoqualmie skiing,” said Thomas. “I love to be outside with her doing things that you don’t do every day.”

“Doing things like this can put you in a position to empower your kids to challenge themselves,” he continued.

The day was particularly special for Seattle locals Ali & Sean who got engaged on the Winter Classic ice.

They were congratulated on the Seattle Kraken’s “X” account.