Icy weather sets in across Western Washington as snow subsides

It was another cold and clear morning today with lows in the teens. As the day continues, Seattle residents should expect partly cloudy skies with a low around 23 degrees.

Parts of the coast will have a chance to break above freezing, however, most places further north will remain below 32 degrees.

Officials don’t expect to see any snow in the forecast until early next week with a predicted 30 to 80 percent chance on Tuesday. Any lowland snow is expected to melt quickly.

Tomorrow’s wind gusts will be weaker than Saturday, however, they could still reach 30 to 40 miles per hour.

Even though the snow has yet to fall again, the cold weather is affecting tolling on I-405 and State Route 167.

Warmer temperatures are expected to prevail on Monday, with morning lows in the 20s and daytime highs in the 30s, according to KIRO 7 Chief Meteorologist Morgan Palmer.

“Temperatures will moderate a bit on Tuesday and into Wednesday as warmer air moves into our area,” said Morgan. “By the end of next week, highs will be back in the 40s with our more typical regime of lowland rain and mountain snow.”

Ice remains on roadways as law enforcement agencies remind people to slow down during their commutes.

Crews with the Washington State Department of Transportation are already preparing for another night by treating roadways to remove ice.

“All of our available resources are focused on this effort,” said a spokesperson.

The roadway is not the only thing that the freezing temperatures are affecting.

Agencies in King County agencies recently received a “high call volume for broken water pipes and flooding from recent freezing conditions.”

To prevent the freezing temperatures from harming your home, check out KIRO 7′s previous coverage on how to stop your pipes from freezing.

Even the Mount Baker Ski Area was closed on Saturday because of the extreme temperatures. However, the slopes reopened on Sunday.

On Saturday night, the temperature in Seattle was down to 20 degrees from lunch. That morning, it was even lower at a steady around 15 degrees.

It was the coldest night for many spots since 1990.

The frigid temperatures have hit all corners of the region, not only Seattle.

The Snoqualmie River froze over near I-90 with Trooper Rick Johnson sharing the photos on social media.

On Friday, wind chills in Whatcom County were likely the coldest in decades. Bellingham had a low wind chill at 8 a.m. of minus 22 degrees and as winds gusted to 38 miles per hour.

For more information watch KIRO 7′s Pinpoint Weather Forecast from 4:30 to 7 a.m. with Chief Meteorologist Morgan Palmer.