Seattle driver runs over tents on downtown sidewalk

SEATTLE — According to the Seattle Police Department (SPD), 3rd Avenue and James Street in downtown Seattle is a popular place for the unhoused. It was at that intersection, Tuesday night around 11 p.m., officers witnessed a gray Acura SUV drive onto the curb and over tents, then keep going.

Officers pursued the Seattle driver but abandoned the chase when they learned the tents were empty and no one was injured.

But then, the driver came back.

“Shortly thereafter that same vehicle returned to the scene and the occupants reportedly fired multiple shots at that scene,” SPD Officer Brian Pritchard said.

While investigating the shooting, police were unable to find any shell casings, or property damage, and no cooperative witnesses.

“There were people at the scene when this occurred and officers attempted to talk to people and no one wanted to come forward and talk to officers,” Pritchard said.

Police don’t have a better description of the SUV, they also don’t have a license plate number or a description of the suspect.

Anyone with information is asked to call 911.

Originally posted at mynorthwest.com.