Seattle Children's set to open gender services clinic

Seattle Children's set to open gender services clinic

Seattle Children's Hospital file photo

Seattle Children's Hospital is set to open a gender services clinic for transgender children as young as 8 years old.

Administrators say the new clinic will open sometime in October with services that include puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and mental health support.

Seattle Children’s says it will be the first time in Washington state that transgender children entering puberty will have a clinic where they can go to for coordinated care.

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The hospital will only be the fifth in the country to offer to have such a clinic.

The clinic will not perform surgeries.

A science and technology journal The New Atlantis published a statement on Friday saying that they published a report, which they say shows little evidence in therapeutic value of medical interventions for adolescents dealing with transgender issues.

While Friday's study focuses on what some researchers call "higher rates of mental health problems" among the LGBTQ community, a study published from The University of Washington in February claims that kids with family support had normal levels of depression and anxiety — similar to typical children.

Clinical director Dr. David Breland will head the new program that will be housed at Seattle Children's Adolescent Clinic on Sand Point Way.

He said in early September that offering services through pediatric care allows patients to start treatment early enough for the best cosmetic outcome, reducing chances of discrimination and allowing for better integration into society – according to the Associated Press.