Seattle-Bainbridge ferry route reopens to vehicles

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, Wash. — Work wrapped up early on a new walkway at the Bainbridge Ferry Terminal.

The final two bridge spans were lifted into place on Tuesday afternoon.

Construction for the project had sailings down to one boat, with walk-on passengers only.

The route reopened to vehicles starting with a 6:40 p.m. sailing to Seattle on Tuesday.

One-boat service was in effect for the rest of the day, but service for vehicles and bikes was up and running with two boats on Wednesday.

Bainbridge ferry riders say the temporary changes were frustrating, to say the least.

“It definitely put some kinks in my schedule, and it was a little frustrating… I took the Kingston-Edmonds ferry, so like last Friday I took that route but it ended up being about 2 and a half hours each way for me,” said Josh Ungurait.

“One of our parts managers, he comes across every day and takes his bike, and he elected to go down to Portland and work out of our Portland office while it was closed, so he’s down there now but he’ll be back next week,” said Tyler Jones.

Despite the headache, riders say the renovations are much needed.

“It definitely needed to be done, I’m excited for the new passenger update. I think it’s definitely a much-needed update,” said Ungurait.

The walkway will open in late fall.

The closure started on Sept. 7.

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