Seattle-Bainbridge ferry route will close for vehicles during walkway construction

SEATTLE, BAINBRIDGE, Wash. — Starting Thursday morning, the Bainbridge-Seattle ferry route will be off-limits to any passenger with wheels.

The short-term closure will span six days and restrict vehicles, motorcycles, bikes, and electric scooters while a new walkway is constructed.

Randy Overturf lives in Port Ludlow. He’s been dreading the temporary inconvenience and the subsequent traffic. Overturf says if he wants to get to the mainland he’ll likely use the Edmonds-Kingston ferry route instead.

“The Edmonds-Kingston side traffic already backs up,” said Overturf. “There’s sometimes a two hours wait just for two boats.”

Washington State Ferries anticipates there will be backup on that route. In response, they’re temporarily adding a third boat to help pick up any slack.

“We call it kind of a sweep up,” said ferry spokesperson Diane Rhodes.

The Seattle-Bainbridge Route will return to its routine service starting 3 a.m. Wednesday, September 13.

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