Seahawks Doug Baldwin asks police use of force committee to remove 'with malice' from law

On Monday morning, a state task force could decide on changes for when police can be criminally charged for using deadly force.

A state law, passed in 1986, says police officers can't face criminal charges unless prosecutors can prove they acted with malice and without good faith.

According to the Olympian, the "with malice" requirement is the only one of its kind in the country.

Many of the task force members want to remove "malice" from the law, and Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin asked the task force to remove it as well during a meeting in Olympia Monday morning.

He's been speaking on racial injustice and policing for months and issued a call to action to evaluate policies for police across the country.

He even met with member of the Seattle Police Department on the issue.

“Right now, I'm really focused on the training for law enforcement, because I think that's where we can have the most impact.  Directly and as soon as possible,” said Baldwin.

Baldwin is the son of a police officer.

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