Sea-Tac Airport looking to hire more TSA officers

SEATAC, Wash. — Thursday was Day One of a three-day fast-track job fair near Sea-Tac Airport.

Hundreds of people are being interviewed to work as Transportation Security Administration officers at the airport.

KIRO 7 learned there is a shortage of TSA workers to keep you moving through the security line.

It can be a headache waiting in the long lines at Sea-Tac Airport before catching your flight.

"Totally annoying,” Lorraine Butler, a Seattle resident, said. “(It’s also very) time-consuming, especially when you're traveling with kiddos."

Trying to get through security can be challenging for everyone, including Vitor Fava, from Brazil, who got tired of waiting in line and decided to just sit down.

"I'm still here waiting because it's better,” said Fava, who traveled to Seattle on business.

The TSA at Sea-Tac Airport is holding several fast-track hiring events at the Hilton Seattle Airport and Conference Center through Saturday.

The agency is trying to increase the number of TSA officers.

“TSA at Sea-Tac Airport has experienced a lot of growth, because that airport is extremely popular,” Lorie Dankers, a TSA spokesperson, said. “In the summer months, we've had double-digit growth over the last four years. And as a result, we've needed more employees to screen the passengers departing."

Those applying for TSA officer positions would be responsible for screening passengers and screening the checked baggage to make sure no threats get on the plane.

Organizers told KIRO 7 they could hire up to 200 hundred at this event.

One person trying to get a position said knowing how to connect with people at the airport is the key.

"There's millions of people running through those airports and, again, I was one of those people,” said Richard Credle, who moved from New York to Tacoma. “And I couldn't help but notice the smiles on the TSA's (officers') faces. Sometimes they fade (and that can’t happen). You have to be a people person."

Saturday is the last day to apply for a job as a TSA officer.

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