SDOT working to fill potholes after severe winter weather

Damage to roads from rain, snow and ice is keeping Seattle Department of Transportation crews busy filling potholes throughout the city.

SDOT provided a map Thursday showing all of the potholes that have been filled in the past 90 days, with the larger green dots representing clusters of potholes that have been filled on the same block.

The agency said it is working to get an update on the total number of potholes it filled in 2022.

“When people report a pothole to us, our crews also repair any other nearby potholes they discover and work to proactively identify repair needs beyond what we hear from the public,” SDOT said. “You may also notice that the places where new potholes have been reported often overlap with the places where we recently filled a pothole. This is because repairs that we make during the winter don’t always last forever because the rain keeps coming, and asphalt can’t bind to the surrounding pavement as well in cold temperatures. So, many of the potholes we fill today may need to be repaired again over the next few months until the weather becomes warmer.”

SDOT said you can report new potholes using the city of Seattle’s Find It, Fix It app, by submitting an online report, by emailing 684-ROAD@seattle.gov, or by calling (206) 684-7623.