Same downtown Seattle retailer robbed twice by same man, police say

SEATTLE — A man previously convicted of theft and assault was arrested after allegedly stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from the same retailer twice in just two days.

Court documents state Markus Leon Emerson went into the Banana Republic located in the 1500 block of 5th Avenue in downtown Seattle and left with more than $5,000 worth of jeans and other apparel without paying.

The general manager told police that on April 30 he observed a man, later identified as Emerson, enter the store at approximately 8:43 p.m. and pick up about 30 pairs of denim pants from a display rack and walk out without paying, police said.

The police report said the manager told Emerson he couldn't take the clothes.

Emerson ignored the manager and walked out, police said.

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The manager reported to police that the stolen merchandise had a value of $3,720. He said the alleged theft was caught on surveillance video.

The next day, Emerson entered the same store and was witnessed by a different store employee taking 20 pairs of pants and other merchandise from a display rack and walked out the door without paying, according to police.

Those items were valued at $1,981 and the theft was also recorded on surveillance video, police said.

On May 2, two bicycle officers were patrolling downtown and spotted Emerson concealing several items in bushes at McGraw Square Park.  He was arrested.

According to the police report, Emerson was seen cutting security scanner alarm tags off several pairs of pants, which indicated to the officers that the items were stolen.

After further investigation, the officers saw a stack of pants with the price tags and security tags on them between Emerson’s legs, police said. They also noticed the man had several other items from Banana Republic in a bag and box next to him, officials said.

Emerson was arrested for investigation of theft.

According to police, Emerson told officers he found the merchandise in a box in the alley and was removing the security tags so he could sell the items on the street.

Emerson was told the thefts were recorded on surveillance video. He declined to make any further statements, police said.

Police said Emerson also possessed a hatchet and other burglary tools during his arrest.

According to the report, police said they reviewed surveillance videos of the thefts, which showed Emerson wearing the same clothing he had on when he that was arrested.

Emerson was charged with first-degree organized retail theft and his bail is set at $10,000.