Second victim in hit-and-run crash dies

SEATTLE — In the last few hours, a second person involved in a fatal crash on Aurora Avenue has died.

The driver tried to run but was tracked down and arrested. She now faces a second charge of vehicular homicide.

It is easy to see that something terrible happened at the scene.

The street signs are now at eye level. The ground is littered with the telltale debris of a bad car accident.

"I just came up," Julie Bragg said. "I was going into work and everything was shut down. I thought they were working on the bridge."

Bragg stood not far from the scene that she encountered a little more than 24 hours ago.

"Yeah, they shut down the whole thing for four or five hours," she said. "When I found out what happened, I felt so bad to know that it was right there that somebody got killed."

Seattle police say four people were walking along Aurora Avenue when a driver lost control and plowed into them. One person died at the scene. The driver, a 23-year-old woman, fled. But a good Samaritan jumped off a Metro Bus, tracked her to some bushes and stood watch until police arrived.

The driver did not appear for her bail hearing. But the King County District Court was told a second person died overnight.

The driver is being held in a section of the jail reserved for inmates on suicide watch. She could now be charged with a second count of vehicular homicide.

Where the accident happened has some neighbors worried for their own safety.

"I work here," Bragg said. "My son works here. And we work at the school, as well, and walking back and forth. I worry about myself or someone getting hurt because of reasons like that, people come flying across the bridge."

One victim remains at Harborview Medical Center. A fourth victim, a 25-year-old man, was released.

The driver is expected in court Monday.

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