Report: Pullman ranks 5th in nation with fastest -growing COVID-19 cases

VIDEO: Despite going virtual, WSU students are still living in Pullman

New data shows Pullman, home to Washington State University, has one of the fastest-growing coronavirus outbreaks in the nation.

According to a New York Times data dashboard, the city has five new cases of the coronavirus per every 1,000 residents.

Whitman County’s percentage of positive tests currently sits at 22%.

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Many of Pullman’s new coronavirus cases happened after WSU students started moving back.

Pullman’s police chief announced he’d be cracking down on parties and start fining party hosts.

Since Thursday, Pullman police ticketed eight people for violating coronavirus mandates.

Current state regulations mandate gatherings can’t surpass 10 people.

For a first violation, the party host will be fined $250. A second violation will result in a fine of $350. After that, a civil infraction will become a misdemeanor.