Almost 40% of WA drivers have canceled their trips due to high gas prices

With gas prices still above $5 a gallon in Washington state, drivers have changed their habits, many are even canceling trips.

“Right now it’s $83, 16 gallons,” said Santisack Sengsavang.

The average price for a gallon of gas in Washington is $5.02, according to AAA.

That’s why now more than ever drivers are on the look, checking to see where gas is cheaper.

“Well, I shop around as much as I can, so my goal is to get it under $5 a gallon,” said Danni Austin.

Austin struck gold at the Fred Meyer gas station in Burien off First Avenue South.

“I got it for $4.89,” said Austin.

Like many, Danni is wondering when prices will drop.

“I was hoping that they would start declining after things peaked out with the inflation, but that hasn’t been happening as I’ve seen. It’s a significant part of my budget,” said Austin.

It’s so significant that a new report found that almost 40% of people have canceled their trips due to high gas prices.

Austin says he’s more open to using public transportation.

“If there’s an event going downtown, I do try to use public transportation,” said Austin.

Sengsavang, who was also filling up in Burien, says he drives to Tacoma Monday through Friday and has to fill up twice a week.

“I fill up on Monday, and Wednesday I fill up again,” said Sengsavang.

Sengsavang says on the weekend he switches to a more economical car.