Renton woman pleading for return of dog stolen during burglary

A Renton woman is pleading for the return of her dog who was stolen during a home burglary.

“It just feels empty. Like a piece of me is gone,” said Jessica Barcelo.

That's how Barcelo has felt for the last two days, without her beloved dog, Keno, by her side.

She rescued Keno, a 4-year-old fawn-colored pit bull, six weeks ago.

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“As soon as I saw his face, his head was titled to the side, and I just wanted him,” Barcelo recounted.

She has cameras inside her home to keep an eye on him while at work.

When she checked on him Thursday around 12:30 p.m., and saw the door open and Keno missing from his usual spot on the couch, her heart dropped.

“It's very unnerving,” she said. “I've never ever been scared before. But not having him here, knowing someone had broken into my house. I mean, it's scary.”

Surveillance video shows Keno is on the couch while the thief walks out with some electronics which he drops. Keno goes over to inspect and as the man picks it all up and walks out through the front door, he's heard saying something to Keno who then follows the burglar out of the house.

“Watching it over again, I'm like, oh, my God, is this the last time, I'm going to see my dog?” Barcelo asked.

Though heartbroken, Barcelo is not giving up. She's left food and water for him. And posted fliers throughout the neighborhood. She and her friends are also going door to door with fliers to get the word out.

She hopes someone recognizes the thief and shared this message in hopes he has a heart.

“Keno is my child,” she said. “I know I haven’t had him that long. I just rescued him but it feels like we're supposed to be together. If you could just drop him off at a vet, or a shelter, all I want is him back.”

Barcelo has reported this to police.

She said he burglar also made off with her computers, electronics and other personal belongings.

But all she wants is for Keno to come home.

If you have any information, contact Jessica Barcelo at (724) 344-9119.

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