Renton 20-year-old shot at going-away party recovering after 2 surgeries, in good spirits

KING COUNTY, Wash. — The family of Mercedes Jimenez-Soto is still reeling after the 19-year-old was shot at a party at Ron Regis Park in Renton Friday night.

“I was devastated. You know, she’s my favorite person. I have her name tattooed on me,” Anna Davies, her aunt, said.

Renton police said it all began with a fight that escalated into a shooting. Police said someone fired shots into the air, and another person shot at the people who were trying to run away. Jimenez-Soto was among those hit.

“She’s such a good kid and so bright and so caring, and it’s so scary. My sister called and was crying and said that Mercedes got shot, and instantly you think the worst,” Davies said.

Jimenez-Soto has a shattered femur and has been through two surgeries. Davies said that her niece will be on strict bedrest for at least two months.

“It is a serious injury, but luckily it is something she can come back from, hopefully without any lasting side effects,” she said.

Despite her wounds, Davies said her niece is still in good spirits and is laughing through the pain.

“Her and I, we have similar personalities. We both like to crack jokes and make light of the situation,” Davies said. “Before I even got a chance to talk to her, I just texted and was like, ‘Hey kiddo, wild night.’ And she was like, ‘It was the craziest.”

Davies said they’re just grateful she survived.

“She’s active. She’s funny. She’s just a really bright, sweet kid,” she said.

The family has set up a GoFundMe to help pay for medical costs. You can donate here.