• Relief is here: Marine air is blowing away Seattle smoke


    SEATTLE - After more than a week of enduring dry temperatures amid a smoke-cloaked western Washington, we’ll finally get a break this weekend.

    The haze drifted down from British Columbia, where the Canadian province is dealing with one of the worst recorded wildfire seasons ever. For a couple of days it made the Puget Sound’s air quality some of the worst in the United States.

    This while people in the region endured record-breaking temperatures and dry conditions. The smoke led to health leaders advising people to cancel outdoor activities, and it led to an outdoor burning ban that included barbecues.

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    Hope came Friday when the smoke started thinning. KIRO 7 PinPoint Meteorologists expect the big clearing-out to happen throughout the weekend.

    "Onshore flow off the Pacific Ocean is bringing a surge of fresher air," said KIRO 7 PinPoint Meteorologist Morgan Palmer "While it may still be hazy early on Saturday, air quality will continue to improve through the day."

    The smoke will still remain in parts of central and eastern Washington.

    Rain arrives along the coast Saturday night and should work its way around Puget Sound by Sunday morning. It could be the first real rain the Seattle-area has seen in more than 50 days.

    The showers will be scattered off and on through the day as a cold front moves through, according to KIRO 7 PinPoint Meteorologists.



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