REI rolls out new sustainability standards for suppliers


KENT, Wash. — Kent based REI rolled out new sustainability standards for suppliers Monday.

The company said that over the past two years, it collaborated with all its vendors to develop and implement the standards.

The standards will apply to each of the more than 1,000 brands sold at REI.

Here are the top four things the company will consider before selling a product:

  • The company's manufacturing, labor safety and fairness
  • Chemical usage
  • Environment impact
  • Animal welfare

By 2020, all brands sold at REI will need to adhere to the standards.

By that time, every tent REI sells will be free of harmful flame-retardant chemicals.

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Sunscreens will not contain certain chemicals, and all its wool or down products will only come from humanely treated animals.

REI says the standards are among the most comprehensive in the retail industry.

REI's CEO told the Seattle Times he hoped the new standards have a ripple effect beyond its own industry.

Visitors to REI.com can also shop by sustainability attribute, by searching for terms like "organic cotton” or "fair trade.”