Racist rant captured on camera in Central District

SEATTLE — A racist rant was caught on camera near Seattle’s Central District Tuesday.

Kyle Daniels said he walked out of PCC Community Markets at the corner of East Union Street and 23rd Avenue, “And this guy is screaming at the top of his lungs.”

Daniels pulled out his phone and recorded the man shouting the N-word, talking about white power, and making antisemitic gestures.

“It was offensive to anyone that has fought for equality in this country,” Daniels said. He says this all started when the man was taking photos of murals that honor black history and making racist remarks about them.

“Seattle’s not this way,” Daniels said. “He’s not from here though so it makes sense.”

With his phone still recording, Daniels followed the man to his car, which had California plates.

KIRO 7 ran the plates and linked the vehicle back to Michael Slawson, the son of a Los Angeles Superior Court judge.

Michael Slawson is no stranger to controversies like this. Back in 2017, investigators out of California said he called a mosque and left threatening voicemails.

Slawson was never charged with a crime in connection to the calls but admitted calling the mosque.

Daniels isn’t sure why someone would come to the central district and start shouting this way, but he hopes recording the encounter will help hold him accountable.

“It’s not funny. That affects people and it’s affecting me as we speak because I live here. Literally. I just think people need to pay attention.”

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